News from the Nation:
Furry Nation updates

That about “covers” it

My publisher Cleis Press sent me the final version of Furry Nation‘s front and back covers last week; thought you might like to take a look at them.

Pick a card, any card…

A printing outfit here in NYC had a promotion going: 100 2-sided biz cards for the outrageously exorbitant price of $0. Took advantage of the offer to have them print cards with a picturesque promo for Furry Nation. 100 cards should last just long enough to replace “Coming this fall” with “Now on sale.”

Kevin & Kell Kreator’s Kind Kritique

This just showed up on Furry Nation‘s Amazon page the other day: “Here is a vital and encyclopedic resource for all who are interested in the anthropomorphic fandom. Encompassing its beginnings and providing a comprehensive overview to the present day, it immediately attains the status of required reading…among all species.” —Bill Holbrook, author of Kevin […]

Anthrocon 2017 report

I spent the last six months looking forward to it…now I’ll spend the next six months remembering it… It was a blast fursuiting once again as my scaly alter-ego Komos, the anthropomorphic Komodo dragon. Komos made his debut appearance in the 2016 Anthrocon Fursuit Parade. The parade was even better this year, with rows of […]